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eDiscovery: Too much of a good thing . . .

For further information, please contact Eric Lindquist, Esq. at (703) 478-7690 / 7672, or elindquist@ewa.com.

Every litigator wants access to all the evidence relevant to his or her case. But for more than a decade we have seen a runaway increase in the amount and variety of electronically stored information (“ESI”) required to be produced and analyzed in all kinds of legal proceedings. At the same time, the media containing ESI—from smartphones to social media to the “cloud”—have become more diffuse and technologically diverse. This trend will continue. Finding a reliable, cost-effective way to gather and make sense of all this potential electronic and traditional “paper” evidence is a tremendous challenge.

Since the 1990s /IIT has been meeting and overcoming such challenges for federal and state agencies and private companies that put a premium on accuracy, efficiency, confidentiality and defensibility. Our customers—which include, the Department of Defense, intelligence and security agencies, Big Four accounting firms, top-tier railroads and Fortune 500 telecommunications companies and carriers, and many other public and private entities large and small—count on us to keep their information safe and manageable.

Our facilities and most of our personnel are cleared by the U.S. Government to handle Top Secret and higher classifications of information. Our information professionals are exceptionally skilled, qualified, and experienced. With their help, and using state of the art software tools and processes, you will maximize the value, accessibility and security of the information you need to win your case.

/IIT has partnered with Thompson Reuters to offer Westlaw CaseLogistix® and Westlaw Case Production ® – a robust document-review and production platform that provides you via web-host a quick, simple, and accurate way to review electronic and traditional paper evidence through the discovery process.

/IIT’s Litigation Support Services Include:

Computer Forensic Analysis and Investigation

Computer Incident Response

Data Collection

Document Processing

Document Production

Information Management and Early Case Assessment

Information Security Risk Assessment and Planning

Web Hosted Document Review